Nonprofit AF's Vu Le to speak at APAP|NYC+ 2022!

Photo of Vu Le
Attention, unicorns! We are so excited to announce Nonprofit AF's Vu Le as a speaker at this year's APAP|NYC+ online conference! Relatable to nonprofit and for-profit folks alike, Vu Le brings humor and insight to the challenges of taking our work seriously, but not ourselves.

As the third year of the pandemic looms, artists and arts organizations continue to play a vital role. And yet we arts workers are also exhausted. How do we use this moment to transform systems that are not working? What mindsets and practices must we let go, and what new ones must we adopt? What does the future of nonprofits and philanthropy look like? How do we incorporate equity into our work? How do we own our awesomeness and unlock our full potential? In his talk on Thursday, January 13 at 4:00 p.m. (EST), "Time to Flip Some Tables: The Future of Nonprofit, Philanthropy, and the Arts", Vu Le will explore these topics and more in a provocative session full of humor, honesty, and maybe pictures of baby animals.

View the Schedule-at-a-Glance for more information about the sessions and activities at the APAP|NYC+ 2022 all-online conference. Register here by Friday, January 7.

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