APAP Membership Dues through June 2022

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its many effects, APAP is offering the following flexible "no barriers" membership payment options from now through June 2022. We want no member left behind for financial reasons.
  • Pay your regular annual membership dues in full, if you are able.
  • Pay 50% of your regular annual membership dues.
  • Pay annual base dues of $300.
If you would like to take advantage of one of the options listed above (and/or need an amended dues invoice), please contact our membership team at info@apap365.org or fill out this form to request a reduced membership rate. If none of the options outlined above meet your needs, we are happy to work with you to maintain your membership.

About APAP Membership 

5 Ways APAP Helps You Survive and Thrive

Not just an annual conference, APAP is living more fully in our service mission than ever before and working hard to help the field build back stronger and prepare for a more sustainable, collective future where we all thrive. Our strength is our membership. Join our community today by becoming a member! Plus, we have just extended our “no barriers” flexible membership dues through June 2022, so if you join now, you could enjoy up to two years of membership at a lower rate. Here are the many ways you can survive and thrive through APAP:

  1. APAP connects you to your peers through ongoing networking and affinity groups, monthly members-only check-ins, and online tools.
  2. APAP helps you grow by providing funding opportunities, professional development, the APAP Livestreaming Calendar and the APAP Job Bank.
  3. APAP keeps you informed about APAP programs and services through our bi-weekly membership newsletter and through timely advocacy alerts, urgent field updates, and more.
  4. APAP gives you access to the greatest community of performing arts professionals through our annual conference and year-round opportunities.
  5. Plus, your membership dues directly underwrite APAP’s work advocating for and supporting the field, as we safely reopen and as we build back better.

Membership Types

  • Presenter (facility or organization that presents artists): $300 and up
  • Artist/Agent/Manager (artist/agent or manager who receives revenue from touring, producing or commissioning of art): $300 and up
  • Support (non-profit entity that does not present performing arts or pay artist fees): $475
  • Vendor (company that provides goods to artists/arts organizations): $450
  • Consultant (company that provides consulting services to artists/arts organizations): $450
  • Individual Performing Arts Professional (student, associate, emeritus, emerging arts leader): $100
  • Artist Access (self-represented, individual artist who has never previously purchased a full membership: $100
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