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Membership Types

APAP is comprised of a wide range of professionals from around the performing arts presenting field. View our membership types below to determine which describes you. Not sure what category fits you best? Contact the APAP membership team.
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The qualifications and annual dues of each membership type are listed below.

For Organizations

Organizational memberships benefit everyone in your organization. When you join, be sure to add members of your team to your organizational profile, so they can access APAP benefits.

Presenter: $300 and up

You qualify for the presenter membership if you are a facility/program, entity or person who presents artists and/or pays artist fees; you are a facility, program, entity or person wishing to find artists/agents/managers for performances you are putting on. Presenter dues are based on a calculation using two variables, your organization's total budget and the amount of the budget spent on artist fees.

Artist/Agent/Manager: $300 and up

You qualify for the artist/agent/manager membership if you are an artist, agent or manager who receives revenue from touring, producing or commissioning of art; you are a producing organization whose primary interest is in sending a production to the road. Artist/agent/manager membership dues are based on total commissions from touring, producing or commissioning.

Support: $475

You qualify for the support organization membership if your organization is a non-profit entity that does not present performing arts or pay artist fees. You are neither a presenter nor an artist/agent/manager – examples of organizations that fit this member type include: state arts agency, arts service organization, foundation, arts administration program at a college or university, etc.

Vendor: $450

You qualify for a vendor membership if your primary purpose is to provide goods to artists and arts organizations. (You do not in any way represent artists, attractions, films or lectures.)

Consultant: $450

You qualify for a consultant membership if your primary purpose is to provide consulting services to artists or arts organizations. (You do not in any way represent artists, attractions, films or lectures.)

Small and Mid-Sized Presenter (SAMP): $300

Small and Mid-Sized Presenters (SAMPs) are defined as nonprofit performing arts presenting organizations with budgets from $50,000 to $2 million that pay at least $25,000 in artist fees. Find out more here.

For Individuals

Individual memberships give access and benefits to a single performing arts professional.

Artist Access (membership for individual artists): $100

You qualify for this introductory Artist Access membership if you are a self-represented, individual artist working professionally in the performing arts touring and presenting industry, who has never previously purchased full organizational membership. Find out more and apply for the Artist Access membership here.

If you are an artist group (i.e., a band, a company) and plan for multiple people to receive member benefits (including access to conference), please select an organizational membership.

Individual Performing Arts Professional (iPAP): $100

Introduced in 2020, as part of our response to COVID-19's impact on our industry, APAP’s Individual Performing Arts Professional membership (iPAP) type is for anyone working in the performing arts who is not affiliated with or working for an organization or business. Find out more and apply for the iPAP membership here.

If you are an individual artist, please select the Artist Access membership. If you are part of an organization, please select an organizational membership.

Student: $60

To qualify for student membership you must be a full-time enrolled undergraduate or graduate student (12 credit hours). In order to be approved, you must upload a valid dated student ID or your most recent transcript. Please note that Student members are only eligible to purchase the student registration rate to APAP|NYC. Student Members are not eligible to purchase an EXPO Hall booth, or showcase at the APAP Conference. To begin the join process, please fill out the online application and submit items for validation.

Emeritus: $0

You qualify for the emeritus membership if you have been an APAP member for ten or more years and have officially retired from the field. Membership is free. To learn more, contact Membership Director Sue Noseworthy at

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