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Note: The information below is from the 2024 conference and is provided as a reference only. Specific details about the 2025 conference will be published by June 2024.
Explore the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers about the APAP|NYC 2024 conference.

General FAQs


  1. Do I have to have a current APAP membership to register and participate in the conference? Yes, your APAP membership must be current for you to pick up your badge on-site. It must also be current for you to log into Swapcard, the online conference platform, which you will need leading up to and during the conference. Onsite membership renewal will not be available at APAP|NYC 2024, so be sure to renew your membership before the conference.

  2. Is there a deadline to register for the in-person conference? The deadline to register for APAP|NYC 2024 at the Regular Rate is Friday, January 5, 2024. On-site registration will be available in 2024 at the Onsite Registration Rate from January 6 through January 16, 2024. Additionally, you must ensure that your APAP membership is current by either joining APAP or renewing your membership before the conference. The Early Bird Rate is available through September 15, 2023.

  3. I'm interested in joining APAP and attending the conference for the first time. Is there a special rate for me?
    A discounted registration rate of $595 is available for individuals and organizations that join APAP for the first time between June 1 – September 15, 2023 and register by September 15, 2023. Please email to learn more, become an APAP member, and request your discount code to use when registering for the conference.

  4. I'm a professionals performing artist. Is there a special artist rate for me? Yes! For APAP|NYC 2024, whether you are represented by an agency or are self-represented, the best rate for professional performing artists is $225. Those registering with the Artist Rate are not eligible to purchase a booth space.

  5. My organization is bringing a group, and we are not planning to purchase a space in the EXPO Hall. How should we register? We have new group rates. Groups of 4-6 receive 10% off, groups of 7-9 receive 15% off, and groups of 10 or more receive 20% off. Please contact to learn more. NOTE: If you plan to exhibit, it is more cost effective to have one person register and then purchase booth badges ($295 each) for the rest of your team (up to either 3 or 7, depending on how many booths you buy). If you have artist(s) in your group, you can register them at the Artist Rate ($225).

  6. What accommodations are available to make the conference accessible? APAP understands the importance of accessibility to make full participation possible for all performing arts professionals. We are committed to continuous improvement and learning and to working with the hotel and our vendors to create a welcoming event. Please indicate on your registration what you need to participate and feel welcome, including but not limited to: audio description, American Sign Language interpretation, open captioning, wheelchair accessible spaces, accessible restrooms, tactile tours, quiet/chill out spaces for neurodiversity needs, maternity rooms for pumping, etc. Contact us at if you have questions or have a need not listed above.

  7. Will I get printed materials at APAP|NYC 2024? No, in our continued effort to be more eco-friendly and keep conference costs down, we will not be handing out printed materials. All the information you need will be on our online platform, Swapcard. This helps APAP offer a greener and more affordable conference.

Networking and Attendees

  1. How can I find out who else is attending the conference? As a conference registrant, if you opt-in, you will have access to our conference attendee list which we will send to you with regular updates. Additionally, all online only access and in-person registrants can connect with other attendees on our online platform, Swapcard.

  2. Can I send marketing emails using the attendee list? You may. HOWEVER, if you use the attendee list for marketing purposes, it is very important that you segment your list and research who might be interested in your offerings before sending your marketing email, so that you don’t send spam to attendees who are not your intended audience. It is off-putting to other members and will encourage people to opt-out of the list.

  3. Does APAP sell its lists or my information? Absolutely not. APAP does not sell member or conference registrant data. When you register for conference, you may opt in or opt out of sharing your information. If you opt in, your contact information will be included on attendee lists to which only other conference registrants have access. Many individuals will add addresses to their personal or organizational mailing lists. However, we encourage registrants to only contact other attendees who they believe will be interested in their offerings.

  4. Where can I meet people? Will there be a networking area? The entire conference is a networking event! Be sure to check out events throughout the conference focused on networking, including the EXPO itself which is full of opportunities to meet people. You can also meet other registrants through our online platform, Swapcard, by exploring the attendee list.

Hotels and Safety

  1. Where can I stay if I am attending the conference? Is there a special APAP rate? For 2024, there is one official APAP|NYC conference hotel: The New York Hilton Midtown (where the conference takes place). APAP has negotiated a special rate of $229/night for attendees. You must book your hotel by December 20, 2023 to get that rate. Learn more and book hotels here.

  2. What are the health and safety protocols APAP will have in place to help keep me safe? In any space where people gather, there is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19, its variants, as well as other virus variants.

    We ask that all attendees take personal responsibility for their own health and consider the well-being of others by taking appropriate precautions. APAP will follow the applicable health and safety measures of federal, state, and local public health and government officials. If, at the time of the conference, additional regulations are put into effect by those entities, we will update the policies as needed in accordance with health and safety laws and regulations. To protect yourself and others from COVID-19, CDC continues to recommend that you wear the most protective mask you can that fits well and that you will wear consistently. You can view the full protocols here.

Programming and Activities

  1. Where can registrants find detailed information about what's happening at conference, including showcases and the EXPO? Swapcard, our online platform, is your one-stop-shop for the conference. The showcase schedule will be sent after confirmation of purchase of showcase listings. Swapcard is open to all registrants of the conference. Swapcard is mobile-optimized to make it easy for you to use, and there is also a Swapcard app available. Please check back regularly to the showcase listings, exhibitor list and agenda as there will be updates and additions until the conference opens!

  2. What is Swapcard, and do I have to use it? Swapcard is our conference platform where you will find information about the in-person conference — including sessions, showcase listings and an exhibitor list — as well as where you can engage with fellow attendees. It replaces print materials and is accessible on your computer as well as your phone. You must be a conference registrant to access Swapcard.


Visiting the EXPO Commons

  1. What is the EXPO Commons? The EXPO Commons at APAP|NYC is where the business of the performing arts happens. Whether you are a presenter looking to connect with agents and artists or a vendor looking to meet performing arts leaders, this is a place for collaboration and discovery.

  2. How can I find who is exhibiting? In the fall of 2023 a list of exhibitors will go live on our conference platform, Swapcard. Each exhibitor will have a landing page where you can learn about them and their services and artist rosters. On that landing page, you can also connect with that exhibitor, leave messages and set up appointments.

Purchasing an Exhibit Space and Booth Badges

  1. How much does it cost to get an exhibit space at APAP|NYC? To purchase an exhibit space in the EXPO Commons, you must first register for the conference. When you register for the conference, you will be asked if you are interested in exhibiting at APAP|NYC 2024. Within 2-3 business days of registering, you will be instructed on how to select and purchase your exhibit space, as well as purchase booth badges for your team. Each exhibit space costs $795, with up to three booth badges (at $295 each) available for purchase for your team per space. You may purchase up to two exhibit spaces.

  2. When do exhibit spaces go on sale? Exhibit spaces will open to the 25+ year exhibitor tier on July 25. (You can see all dates for all tiers here.) If you indicated an interest in exhibiting when you registered, you will receive an email within 2-3 business days with instructions on how to purchase your exhibit space(s) and booth badges. After you have purchased your exhibit space and made your selections, you will receive a confirmation email within two business days with your confirmed space(s) and booth badge codes for your colleagues to register for the conference. (Have you already registered? You can edit your registration and indicate your interest here.)

  3. What is an exhibitor tier? And how do I find out what my tier status is? Your tier status is your priority status based on your consecutive years of exhibiting and determines how early you can select and purchase your EXPO booth space. For instance, those in the 25+ year exhibitor tier have exhibited consecutively (without a break) at the APAP conference for 25 or more years. If you have registered for the conference and have exhibited before or indicate an interest in exhibiting, you will receive an email notification confirming your tier and the earliest date you can purchase a booth. (See the tier schedule on this page.) If you do not know your tier status, you may email us at Please note that exhibiting at the online conferences in 2021 and 2022 and the in-person conference in 2023 can only count towards your status. Going into the 2024 conference, you will not lose status because you did not participate in 2021, 2022, or 2023.

  4. My organization wants to exhibit at APAP|NYC 2024, and we are bringing several team members. How should I register my team? If you want to exhibit AND are bringing a group, one person from the team should register as the primary then add each additional registrant.

    When you are purchasing your exhibit space, you can purchase booth badges for up to three additional staff members if you are purchasing one exhibit space and up to seven additional staff members if you are purchasing two exhibit spaces. Please note: Booth badges are full registrations for the in-person conference and can only be purchased for members of your staff, which means people listed as staff in your APAP organizational profile.

  5. Do you allow booth sharing? For the 2024 conference, APAP will allow sole proprietors (this may include certain agents, producers, vendors, and consultants) and individual artists to share exhibit space. Both exhibitors must be full APAP members and conference registrants, although only one will purchase the space and be the point of contact with APAP. AND they (the point of contact) will have to provide the information of the other organization they are sharing with and the name that will appear as: Organization A; Organization B.

  6. Will space in the EXPO Commons run out? Do you have a waitlist? If the EXPO Commons sells out, there will be a waiting list available.

  7. How can my teammates using booth badges access Swapcard? Once you have purchased booth badges in Avolio, you will be provided registration codes for your team members to register using the booth badges in Avolio. Once we have your teammates' information, we can then give them access to Swapcard.

  8. Can a student registrant help me at my booth? Yes, a student who has registered for the conference may help you at your booth. However, they will be listed as a Student, not as Booth Staff under your listing.

Setting Up Your EXPO Space

  1. What is the size of an EXPO Commons exhibit space? Each EXPO Commons exhibit space is 8 feet by 10 feet. Every space in the EXPO Commons is the same size. The spaces are delineated by pipe and drape, with an 8-foot high wall in back and 3-foot high side dividers.

  2. Why are all of the exhibit spaces the same size? We have re-envisioned what the EXPO space is so that all spaces are the same size, to maximize space in the EXPO Commons and to welcome more potential exhibitors into the EXPO.

  3. Why will there be pipe-and-drape? With as large of a space the EXPO Commons occupies, the pipe-and-drape will help organize booth "real estate" and carve out personal space for your greater comfort. Company names will also hang near the top of the back wall of each space to make identifying exhibitors easier.

Online Exhibiting

  1. When will online landing pages be available for attendees to browse and search? Exhibitor landing pages will be live on Swapcard in the fall. Be sure to check back often as new exhibitors will be added and updated regularly.

  2. If I am an exhibitor, by when do I need to have my online landing page set up? Exhibitors will receive an email when they can access and set-up their online landing page. We encourage exhibitors to set-up their online landing pages by late fall.

  3. How do I access my online landing page? Once you are registered as an exhibitor, you will receive an invitation to set-up your online landing page from Swapcard.

Learn more about Exhibiting at APAP|NYC here.

Showcase FAQs

Attending Showcases

  1. How can I find out about who is showcasing at APAP? Once you are registered for APAP, you will get access to our online conference platform, Swapcard. APAP will not be producing a printed showcase guide for the 2024 conference. Please check back regularly in the fall as new showcases will be viewable and are being added every week leading up to the conference!

  2. Who showcases at APAP? Artists, agents, and producers from around the world put on APAP independent showcases each year. To produce a showcase at APAP, you must be an APAP member or an artist on the roster of an APAP member and be registered for the main conference in January. (Student registrants are not eligible to showcase.)

Producing a Showcase

  1. When can showcases happen? The majority of in-person APAP showcases take place from January 12 through January 16. In-person showcases may also be livestreamed or recorded and made available for replay on Swapcard. (In 2024, after having piloting online showcases during the pandemic, we will only be featuring in-person showcases.) 

  2. Where can I hold my showcase? In-person showcases are independently produced by you at a venue that you secure in New York City or on your preferred livestreaming platform. Logistics for both in-person and online showcases are the responsibility of the showcase producer. Learn more about showcasing at the Hilton and off-site in New York City here.

Showcase Listings

  1. How do I purchase a Showcase Listing? Showcase listings are available for purchase now through our registration platform to conference registrants. You may either add Showcase Listings when you first register, or you can add Showcase Listings after you have registered. If you have already registered and would like to purchase showcase listings, email us with the subject line "Showcase Listing Purchase Request" at

  2. How much does a showcase listing cost? How can I buy showcase listings? Once you have registered for APAP, you can purchase showcase listings for $10/per performance. If you have multiple performances, you will need multiple showcase listings. 

  3. How do I create my showcase listing? Once you've purchased your listing, you will receive an email with an invitation to and instructions from APAP on our showcase listing platform, Swapcard.

  4. What does a showcase listing include? What is the benefit of a showcase listing? Showcase listings are the easiest way to promote your performance. Showcase listings are housed on the online conference platform, Swapcard, and provide information about the artists, date, time, and location of showcases, as well as how attendees can RSVP for in-person showcases.

  5. If I need to edit my showcase listing once I've submitted it, how can I do that? For edits, email apapnyc@apap365. You must include "Showcase Edit" in the subject line of the email, and the email must include the name of the showcase, the list of changes, and any images. No exceptions.

    Showcase edits may take 5 business days to be implemented, and must be received by January 5, 2024, at close of business. After January 5, 2024, edits are not guaranteed.

  6. Where will attendees find my showcase listing(s)? Showcase listings will appear under the “Showcase Schedule” tab in the online conference platform, Swapcard beginning in the fall of 2023. The Swapcard platform and event website can be easily viewed on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Additionally, if you prefer to engage with it through a mobile app, you can download the Swapcard app. In an effort to reduce waste and keep the conference affordable, APAP will not be producing a printed showcase guide for the 2024 conference.

  7. By what date should I purchase a showcase listing? Showcase listings will go live on Swapcard in the fall. While showcase listings don’t need to be completed by that date, that is when they will be published, and attendees will be able to see listings for in person showcases. Additional showcase listings may be purchased, created, and edited until 5 pm EST on January 5, 2024. Submissions after this are not guaranteed. However, we will be able to edit onsite, but again not guaranteed.

Learn more about Showcases at APAP|NYC here.
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