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Just Released: Why Is It Important Arts Organizations Continue?

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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many nonprofit arts organizations were facing challenges, including declining or stagnant audiences across multiple art forms, causing many to question the very value of their existence. This was certainly true for the 25 organizations in Wallace’s Building Audiences for Sustainability (BAS) initiative, which ran from 2016 through 2019.

This brief from arts researcher Francie Ostrower and her team at the University of Texas in Austin, who studied the BAS initiative, captures thoughts from leaders of the 25 organizations on sustainability and how they might fit into a changing arts landscape. Not surprisingly, all of the organizations felt it was important that their organizations continue. Interestingly, however, even before the pandemic and movement for a deeper reckoning with racial justice struck across the country, leaders from a majority of the organizations expressed how essential it was for them to develop and/or maintain strong bonds with their community. Since then, the need for such change has only increased.

Ostrower points out that the BAS organizations are all large and well-established, with predominantly white leadership—a decision that itself would be questioned if the initiative were beginning today. Still, the brief may offer some ideas for consideration and further conversation as organizations reopen and reimagine the future. Ostrower is also following up with the organizations to see if and how their thinking has changed post-pandemic.
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