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APAP's Arts Compensation Project is a step toward pay equity for arts workers, enrollment is now open!

APAP Arts Compensation Project
The APAP Arts Compensation Project enrollment is now open. The platform will give presenting organizations and venues access to input and search real-time data on staffing, compensation and benefits.

The industry initiative is an important step in a movement towards pay transparency and equity.

Launched as a pilot in 2022 in partnership with AMS Analytics, the Arts Compensation Project (ACP) is an industry-specific, interactive data platform where performing arts presenters and venues like you can access dynamic, comparative, real-time data on staffing, compensation, and benefits for all levels and tenure of staff, based on organizational size, budget, region, type and more.

Enrollment for the Arts Compensation Project is now open to current, eligible APAP members. U.S.- and Canada-based presenting organizations and venues may now enroll in the ACP to purchase their subscription, enter your organization's data, and access the robust data platform. ACP enrollment runs through October 5, 2023, and onboarding begins September 12, 2023. Enroll now.

The ACP gives performing arts leaders the data you need. As a participating organization, once you enter your own organization’s information, you will be able to search data and customize reports to inform your decision-making. By inputting your data, you will contribute to a broad-based body of knowledge and insights on performing arts staffing and compensation. As of August 10, the ACP has data from the diverse set of 67 organizations that participated in the pilot of the project, upon which new participants will build.

The ACP is an important step in the movement toward greater pay transparency and pay equity for arts workers. Along with salary and compensation data, it will also collect demographics, making it the first large-scale initiative in the performing arts that will help the industry understand staffing and compensation trends through the lenses of race and gender.

Want to learn more? Watch The Data You Need: The Arts Compensation Project Webinar. Watch now.

"The benefit of doing this is not just for my organization, but for the field. We need to support each other by providing as much of this information as possible, so that we have the bigger picture. Your participation will uplift the field and that’s critically important right now."

– Performing Arts Center, Dominican University, ACP Pilot Participant

How to Participate in the Arts Compensation Project

Performing arts presenting organizations or other live arts venues in the U.S. and Canada may participate. You can enroll now in the ACP and purchase your subscription with this form.

Access to the Arts Compensation Project is available via an annual (12-month) subscription. Rates are based on budget size. Organizations that enroll during the fall enrollment period can take advantage of Founder Rates (see below). The fall enrollment deadline is October 5, 2023. After the deadline, enrollment will open again in February 2024.

Participants must be or become APAP members at the time of enrollment. You can renew your membership here.

Questions? Contact us at
Enroll in the Arts Compensation ProjectArts Compensation Project
Why the Arts Compensation Project?

Real-Time Data: Get instant access to the real-time data and insights on staffing, compensation and benefits.

Comprehensive: The data collected includes all levels of staff and tenure, organizational budget, staff size, region, number of performances, geographic setting (urban, rural, suburban) and type of presenting organization (independent, municipal, university/college, festival).

Dynamic, Not Static: Not a static report, the ACP is an interactive tool in which you can search anonymized data from peer organizations and build your own reports and charts.

Supports Decision-Making: The ACP provides you with the data you need to inform your organizational decisions, policies, and priorities.

Customizable: As a participant, you will help customize the ACP platform and the data collected to fit the evolving needs or your organization and our industry as a whole.

Promotes Equity: Because ACP collects demographic information, it is the first tool of its kind in the performing arts, giving the field the ability to understand staffing and compensation trends through a race and gender lens.

Representation: By participating, you provide your organization’s data and ensure that the insights and analytics include organizations like yours.

Advocacy for the Industry: Providing hard data and broad representation, the ACP will help the performing arts advocate for our industry and workforce.
Enroll in the Arts Compensation Project
This project is made possible with the generous support of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, and the Wallace Foundation.
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