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The APAP Webinars are designed to help you advance your career, grow your business and keep your skill set up-to-date, so you can set the stage for the future of arts presenting. Covering a wide range of relevant topics, these webinars are available for you to replay at your convenience.
APAP|NYC 2020 Equity In Classical Music session by Adam Kissick/APAP

2021 Webinars and Events

September 14, 2021Return to the Stage: Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on the Performing Arts Workforce. Join APAP and the researchers behind Return to the Stage: A Performing Arts Workforce Study as we discuss the latest report on the state of the performing arts workforce, how it’s shifted and what this means for our field. Together with expert panelists, we’ll explore what the data reveals, hear about current responses in the field, and highlight what’s surfacing…and what may be next for our industry.

September 9, 2021U.S. Artist Visas and International Travel in the Age of COVID: Latest Update. In this free 75-minute webinar experts from Tamizdat and the hosts of – the Association of Performing Arts Professionals and the League of American Orchestras – will describe what it takes to secure U.S. artist visas and navigate COVID-19 travel restrictions right now, and cover what the current and long-term policy environment means for seeking more equitable opportunities to support international cultural activity.

July 21, 2021American Rescue Plan Funding for Arts and Culture Organizations from the National Endowment for the Arts. The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) recently released guidelines for grant programs to distribute American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds to arts organizations across the country. The NEA is now inviting applications for this vital fuel for recovery. This webinar focused on the direct funding opportunity open to nonprofit arts and culture organizations. Learn how to apply for this new funding program and how to register your organization to be eligible for federal funding.

June 30, 2021Findings from Centering the Picture: A Slover Linett Report on Culture and Community. The world has changed dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic. A year in, we ask: how can arts and culture organizations respond to what their community needs most? In this webinar, researchers from Slover Linett presented their most recent report, which looks at the data through the lens of race and ethnicity in order to inform the sector’s racial reckoning and efforts to decolonize and democratize.

May 12, 2021 - The Arts are REDi: An Organizational Journey toward the 10/20/30 Pledge. How are organizations adopting and implementing the APAP 10/20/30 Pledge? How are they engaging board and staff in the process? Join us for this webinar and hear how and why your APAP colleagues Karen Fischer, President, Pasifika Artists Network and Kendra Whitlock Ingram, President and CEO, Marcus Performing Arts Center have signed the pledge and are making change a reality for their organization and community. APAP President and CEO Lisa Richards Toney moderated this discussion.

April 22, 2021 - Sponsored Innovation Session: Lessons from the Digital Pivot: How Did We Do? What's Next? with InstantEncore. Join InstantEncore for this sponsored innovation session as they highlight lessons learned from the industry's digital pivot in 2020, discuss the digital tools that helped organizations reopen with provide a safer environment for returning patrons and explore hybrid models of programming.

April 15, 2021Building Ethical and Equitable Partnerships. In this roundtable we highlighted ways in which the arts have pivoted, provide examples of how artists and presenters can arrive at creative solutions together, from inception as well as when plans change, and identify how to cultivate institutional change.

April 14, 2021Reopening the Arts Outside: The Joys and Challenges of Outdoor Programming. This is the second webinar in the Reopening, Restarting and Resuming Live Performing Arts series. Learn from colleagues about permitting, ADA compliance, COVID-19 restrictions and more. We will also be flagging critical issues unique to programming in outdoor spaces that are key to your success.

April 8, 2021Sponsored Innovation Session: Bouncing Back: Building Your Hybrid Season with OVERTURE+. In this sponsored innovation session the OVERTURE+ team and colleagues from across the country explored industry trends in streaming, and discuss how to create digital offerings in companion to live in-person programming. It also included a live demo of the OVERTURE+ technology, developed directly to help meet your union and rights streaming requirements.

April 1, 2021The Arts Are REDI: APAP and the 10/20/30 Pledge Roundtable Discussion. During this discussion we talked about why APAP launched the 10/20/30 Pledge---A pledge to eliminate barriers to leadership, a pledge to steward the work, and a pledge to support cultural workers who identify as Black, Native/Indigenous, People of Color, women, individuals with disabilities, and LGBTQIA2S+. We also talked about why we need racial equity and gender justice in the performing arts and how to support each other in this work.

March 31, 2021Reopening, Restarting and Resuming Live Performing Arts. All eyes and ears are focused on how to reopen, restart, and resume live, in-person performing arts gatherings, whether they are indoors, outdoors or a hybrid of live and virtual programming. This is the first webinar in the "Reopening, Restarting and Resuming Live Performing Arts" series. Hear from colleagues who have been open and programming live events throughout the pandemic and find out what they’ve learned, how they’ve done it, and what they’d do differently.

2020 Webinars and Events

December 30, 2020APAP|NYC+ Platform Orientation Webinar. This webinar provides a more in-depth look at everything it has to offer. You’ll learn: How to build your personalized conference agenda, including adding Affinity Groups, Forums and Sessions, All of the ways you can connect and network with fellow attendees, How to engage with exhibitors, and How to search showcase listings.

December 18, 2020 - APAP|NYC+ Showcase Preview Webinar. Have questions or want a sneak peek at what a Showcase Listing will look like? Join us for an APAP|NYC+ Showcasing Preview webinar.

December 10, 2020APAP|NYC+ 2021 Exhibitor Preview Webinar. The exhibitor experience at APAP|NYC+ will be different from the in-person EXPO Hall, but will provide many of the same benefits you’ve come to expect. This webinar will help you prepare for the APAP|NYC+ exhibitor experience by reviewing the Swapcard platform, best practices for connecting with attendees and how to get the most out of your booth purchase.

December 8, 2020APAP|NYC+ 2021 Attendee Preview Webinar. In this preview webinar we provide an overview of the APAP|NYC+ virtual conference platform, Swapcard, to help you know what to expect and help ensure that you achieve your goals for the first APAP|NYC+ virtual conference. We also review the conference schedule and the latest programming updates.

December 1, 2020Outdoor Arts Programming and Innovation in the Age of COVID-19. As the COVID-19 rages through the winter and a full return to programming indoor venues is delayed, presenters seek new ways to connect artists and audiences safely. Outdoor programming provides a variety of creative solutions for gathering with the arts. Join veteran outdoor arts producers and practitioners in this webinar to learn more current models and ideas for outdoor presenting in the time of Coronavirus.

September 15, 2020 - APAP BREAK/ROOM Conversations: HERE/NOW–The Road to Transformation: PART I and PART II. Whether it’s field working groups re-imagining partnerships between presenters, artists, and agents to advocate for new standards and contractual language, or efforts to re-imagine and leverage one’s resources and influence to benefit the greater good, innovations are happening across the country that will transform our field. In this two-part series of conversations we explore the following:

July 23, 2020Ask an Expert: Licensing and Permissions Requirements for Livestream and Rebroadcast - A Deeper Dive hosted by the Alliance of Performing Arts Conferences. This webinar will take a deeper dive into the specific licensing requirements for livestreaming and rebroadcasting of concerts, permissions that need to be obtained from record labels, artists and managers, and how to inform the platform once you have obtained the correct license in order to get listing approval. We will hear directly from these important industry sectors - PROs, streaming platforms, publishing, and management - to get the answers you need in this informative and timely discussion.

June 11, 2020APAP BREAK/ROOM Conversations: HERE/NOW: HOW WE GOT HERE (AND HOW WE NEVER GET HERE AGAIN). This session begins at the 2:34:35 mark. The current global health crisis revealed an already broken system in which artists, programmers and other cultural workers were working. As we take a collective breath to pause, grieve, rest and reset, we need to name what wasn’t working, accept those failures and talk about how crisis can also lead to systemic change. Learn more about APAP BREAK/ROOM Conversations here.

June 11, 2020APAP BREAK/ROOM Conversations: HERE/NOW: STRATEGIES TO STABILIZE. Artists, cultural workers, agents and presenters are exploring new ways to collaborate, innovate and redefine programming together. Several have worked to share the burden and fallout of cancellations. What are we learning in the process and what are some precedent-setting strategies? Learn more about APAP BREAK/ROOM Conversations here.

June 10, 2020 - APAP BREAK/ROOM Conversations: RECOVERY/TRANSFORMATION: THE MONEY QUESTION. The session begins at the 2:33:31 mark. How might we sustain ourselves as individuals and communities through the uncertain present? What’s needed to secure the future of our performing arts ecosystem? Funding partners will play an important role in re-imagining and rebuilding current systems. How are these thought partners supporting immediate innovative thinking to ensure we are still standing in 2022? Learn more about APAP BREAK/ROOM Conversations here.

June 10, 2020APAP BREAK/ROOM Conversations: RECOVERY/TRANSFORMATION: WHAT COMES NEXT. While the present and future are uncertain, we can control the choices we make and carve out a new path. What might radical innovation and recovery look like and what role does cultural leadership play in the process? Learn more about APAP BREAK/ROOM Conversations here.

May 2020Disruption & Innovation: Creative Performing Arts Responses, hosted by the Alliance of Performing Arts Conferences. The Alliance of Performing Arts Conferences (APAC) have gathered voices across the performing arts field for a conversation about how they’re innovating during disruption. Download the resource guide which is intended to help you navigate disruption. Part one walks through the specific technology used by each featured project in the webinar, part two is a worksheet intended to help you or your organization connect your “why” and “what’s next” in order to help you innovate creatively, and part three is a curated list of resources we’re finding helpful in this moment.

May 2020Reopening the Performing Arts: Event Safety in the COVID-19 Era hosted by the Alliance of Performing Arts Conferences. Based on the recently released Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide this webinar explored how to determine when to reopen, how to communicate with audiences, how to ensure a sanitized venue, and most importantly, all of the considerations to keep everyone safe, from front-of-house to back stage.

May 2020MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER: Best Practices for Maintaining Relationships and Booking New Dates hosted by the Alliance of Performing Arts Conferences. This webinar featured agents interviewing presenters in an exchange that provided insights on your most burning questions.

April 2020Ask an Expert: Tech Tips and Tricks for Successful Live Streaming Part 2 hosted by the Alliance of Performing Arts Conferences. A panel of experts discussed and outlined how to make your livestreams look and sound as professional as possible. This informative webinar will provide you with advice, insight, and the tools you need to take your livestream to the next level.

April 2020 - Ask an Expert: The Legal Landscape of Live Streaming Part 1 hosted by the Alliance of Performing Arts Conferences. This webinar featured a discussion of the legal realities surrounding live streamed concerts from copyright restrictions to contractual considerations, royalty recuperation and licensing agreements.

April 2020Pause, Pivot and Adapt: Finding Emotional Resilience in Times of Crisis. In the COVID-19 crisis, arts organizations, artists and arts workers are facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles and a daunting future. This webinar plants seeds for cultivating emotional resilience and provide guidance on how to thrive in times of uncertainty.

April 2020 Putting the Puzzle Together: COVID-19 Relief for Performing Artists, Arts Workers, and Arts Organizations hosted by the Alliance of Performing Arts Conferences. A expert panel explains the complex web of programs available to performing artists, arts workers, and arts organizations.

April 2020A Great Artistic Program Isn't Enough: Rethinking Our Approach to the Patron Experience. As the boundaries between physical and digital engagement continue to blur, how can arts organizations approach building a meaningful relationship with their audiences in the short and long term? Spektrix answers these questions and more in this webinar.

March 2020Ask an Expert: Contracts, insurance, visas, employment and legislation in the COVID-19 Era hosted by the Alliance of Performing Arts Conferences. This informative panel presentation gathered a group of legal experts to discuss and answer questions about the current business, legal, and financial realities facing the performing arts sector.

Find the transcript here.

March 2020We Are Stronger Together: Navigating Crises and Sustaining Healthy Relationships in the Era of Coronavirus hosted by the Alliance of Performing Arts Conferences. The World Health Organization has now classified the spread of coronavirus as a pandemic, forcing cancellations of events by local mandate or out of “an abundance of caution”. As a result, the performing arts presenting, booking and touring industry is navigating unchartered waters, as we look to both contracts—and to each other—for direction. Join the partners of the Alliance for Performing Arts Conferences (APAC)*, as we host an informative, field-wide conversation with presenters, agents, artists, and legal and emergency response experts around the current business, legal, financial, ethical and relational realities we are facing TOGETHER.

Find the closed captioning transcript here and the chat box transcript here.

2019 Webinars and Events

October 2019 From World Music/CRASHarts to Global Arts Live: How a presenter's efforts to draw younger audiences led to a new name and brand. How did a Boston-based presenter tackle the challenge of attracting younger audiences to replace those that were aging out? They created a festival, new programs and even ended up changing their name and brand. Learn about their challenges, their successes, and their next steps under their new name, Global Arts Live.

September 2019How to APAP: Getting the most out of your year-round APAP membership. Led by APAP staff this webinar covers all of the benefits of membership and explains how you can maximize them for professional growth.

September 2019How to APAP: Showcasing at APAP|NYC 2020.  Designed for first-time showcasers, this webinar covers the ins and outs of showcasing at APAP|NYC with tips and advice from APAP staff and a panel of experts. Due to technical difficulties this webinar was not recorded but you can view the slide presentation or you can replay the 2019 webinar.

September 2019 How to APAP: Exhibiting at APAP|NYC 2020.  Designed for first-time exhibitors, this webinar covers the ins and outs of exhibiting at APAP|NYC with tips and advice from APAP staff and a panel of experts.

September 2019 - How to APAP: Getting the most out of APAP|NYC 2020.  Designed for first-timer attendees, this webinar covers the ins and outs of APAP|NYC with tips and advice from APAP staff and a panel of experts.

July 2019 Small and Mid-sized Presenters in the United States: Stories and Perspectives. As part of the Wallace Foundation "Building Arts Audiences" initiative, APAP held focus groups in late 2018, seeking to learn more about the unique needs, priorities and challenges of small and mid-sized presenters, as it relates to building audiences. In this webinar we shared our findings on sustainability, audience building and community engagement and hear directly from presenters who participated in the focus groups.

July 2019Start-Up Skills for Artists: Are You Ready for An Agent? If you are an artist who is ready to engage with an agent/manager, you have questions, and we’ve got answers! What do agents and managers want and expect from you? How do they work and what are typical fees? How do you find them and approach them? Can they guarantee results? Are you ready to showcase? Gain business and industry know-how in this informative webinar with seasoned professionals!

April 2019 -  Making Space: A Radical Rethinking of the Approach to Work/Life Integration in the Arts. The first part in a series of working conversations, this webinar focuses on new ways to reshape work cultures to provide work/life balance and integration. Using the lens of equity and access, this webinar seeks to acknowledge and support unique challenges faced by performing arts professionals and organizations, to identify models, methods , paradigms and practices for lasting change, and to embrace a conceptual shift in thinking about our workplaces and spaces.

2018 Webinars and Events

October 2018Visas, Taxes and Touring: What You Need to Know NOW. This webinar is a must for artists, presenters, promoters, agents, and anyone interested in international touring and cultural exchange. Learn about critical updates and breaking news on visas and taxes and the implications for performing arts professionals in the U.S. and for artists traveling abroad.

September 2018 - How to APAP: Getting the most out of your year-round APAP membership.  Led by APAP staff this webinar covers all of the benefits of membership and explains how you can maximize them for professional growth.

September 2018 - How to APAP: Showcasing at APAP|NYC 2019.  Designed for first-time showcasers, this webinar covers the ins and outs of showcasing at APAP|NYC with tips and advice from APAP staff and a panel of experts.

September 2018How to APAP: Exhibiting at APAP|NYC 2019.  Designed for first-time exhibitors, this webinar covers the ins and outs of exhibiting at APAP|NYC with tips and advice from APAP staff and a panel of experts.

September 2018How to APAP: Getting the most out of APAP|NYC 2019.  Designed for first-timer attendees, this webinar covers the ins and outs of APAP|NYC with tips and advice from APAP staff and a panel of experts.

July 2018APAP|NYC 2019: Artists, Agents, and Managers—What You Need to Know and Do—NOW! It being summer, it may feel like the APAP|NYC conference (Jan. 4-8, 2019) is far into the future. On the contrary, now is the time to lay the foundation for your conference success! In a joint webinar with NAPAMA (North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents), your artist/agent/manager colleagues shared their invaluable insights and actionable tips on how to successfully network, exhibit, showcase, and more.

May 2018 - Stories That Shine: APAP members share effective practices for building arts audiences. Beginning in 2014, APAP has been showcasing members’ stories based on the Wallace Foundation’s Nine Effective Practices for Building Arts Audiences through the 5 Minutes to Shine (5MTS) program. In this webinar hear how a few of your colleagues have applied one or more of the effective practices and used them as a tool for deepening intentionality for building audiences, what makes a good story and how you can apply to participate in 5MTS at APAP|NYC 2019 (Jan. 4-8).

April 2018 - Inclusion without Boundaries. When we say we are committed to inclusion, equity and diversity in the performing arts industry, what does that really mean? And who do we mean? In this first of a series of webinars around these issues, we explored ways members are living out this commitment in their day-to day-work as leaders and allies. We heard from your colleagues who transforming the field and learn from their experiences.

March 2018Step Up to the Mic: Shaping Conversations at Conference and Beyond. At our recent conference, we hosted sessions on a wide array of subjects, from Arts Activism to Generation Z. How do we move these conversations forward? And what topics are we not tackling but should be? Which issues do you think are most pressing? And which ones are most practical? This webinar aims to unearth the best ideas from YOU to help shape the conversations at APAP|NYC 2019 and in APAP's year-round programming.

February 2018How We’re Doing: Rural Presenting — Challenges and Opportunities. This webinar is designed as an explorative conversation geared to new and veteran rural arts workers, from the lifelong community presenter to the artist, agent or producer looking to broaden their reach. APAP will host rural presenters to discuss pressing issues, tips, opportunities and needs, help develop relationships and dialogue among members interested in strengthening the rural presenting network, and to inform future APAP programs and resources.
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