Showcases at APAP|NYC+ 2022

Performance showcases are among the highlights of the APAP|NYC+ 2022 conference!

"Two Ways In"

Attending Showcases

Open to conference registrants, APAP’s independent showcases connect those seeking new work with those producing world-class artistry in all disciplines and genres. 

As an in-person conference registrant, you will have access to both in-person and online showcases. As an online conference registrant, you will have access to all online showcases. 

Starting in December 2021, information about APAP|NYC+ 2022 independent showcases can be found via showcase listings in our online platform. New showcases will be added regularly as the January 2022 conference approaches.

Online and recorded in-person showcases will be available for replay through January 31, 2022 on our online conference platform.

Producing Showcases

Who showcases?

Artists, agents, and producers put on showcases each year. To produce a showcase at APAP, you must be an APAP member or an artist on the roster of an APAP member and be registered for the conference. (Student registrants are not eligible to showcase.)

Online conference registrants can produce online showcases only.  

Should I showcase?

Here are some factors you to consider when deciding to showcase. You should have:

  • Work that has high artistic integrity.
  • A budget and plan to cover your expenses.
  • A network of presenters who are interested in your work.
  • Managerial and administrative capacity to solicit and follow up with presenters.

In-Person Showcasing: Choosing a venue

As APAP does not curate showcases, you will need to secure a venue when planning your in-person showcase. There are two options, you can:

  1. Book your own venue outside of the Hilton. Showcase producers are responsible for coordinating performance times and logistics directly with the venue.
  2. Purchase a showcase slot/slots in the Hilton from an APAP showcase producer. If you are interested in showcasing at the New York Hilton Midtown, email

Online Showcasing: Choosing a platform

As APAP does not curate showcases, you will need to determine what platform to use to feature your online showcase.

  • Online showcases may be pre-recorded or livestreamed.
  • Learn more about livestreaming platforms and guidance here.
  • Showcase producers are responsible for coordinating logistics and production for online showcases.
  • While online conference registrants may only produce online showcases, in-person conference registrants may produce both in-person and online showcases.

Promoting Showcases

Once you have planned your showcase, consider these ways to drive audience to your event.

Purchase a Showcase Listing

Showcase listings are the easiest way to promote your performance.

  • Starting Fall 2021, you will be able to purchase showcase listings through the conference registration system.
  • You must be a registered conference attendee to purchase a listing.
  • Showcase listings are $10 each. Each listing represents a single performance.
  • Showcase listings will appear in the APAP|NYC+ Showcase Calendar on the SWAPCARD Conference Platform.
  • There will not be a printed showcase listing guide. Instead, all registrants will access listings online on our mobile-friendly platform. 
  • The APAP|NYC+ Showcase Calendar will look and function much like the APAP Live Performance Calendar.
  • Additionally, you will be able manage and edit your listings directly!

Advertising and Sponsorship 

Make your showcase stand out from the crowd. Increase your brand recognition, build your market and stand out from the crowd with one of our advertising or sponsorship opportunities. Learn more here.

Best Practices for Using Attendee Lists 

Once you have registered for conference, you'll have access to segmented lists of APAP|NYC+ attendees. Be sure to use these lists wisely by targeting people most likely to be interested in your showcase(s). These dynamically updated lists contain valuable information including each attendee's role in the field. APAP will make available conference registrant/attendee lists to conference registrants starting in mid-November. 

Scam Advisory: Marketing Lists

As an APAP|NYC+ attendee, you may receive emails from third parties claiming to have lists of conference attendees or related lists. Some may also lead you to believe they are associated with APAP. These are fraudulent scams, and we urge you to not respond or participate in any way. 

If you have questions, contact APAP directly at 202.833.2787 or

"How To APAP" Webinar Replay

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Photo: The Latin Riverdance showcase at APAP|NYC by Adam Kissick/APAP
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